Barton-Ross Complex 

5325 Parallel Pkwy Kansas City, Kansas


George & Doris Haley Field:

 State of the art showcase synthetic turf field

Field Dimensions:

Left-300, Gaps-355, Center- 375, Right- 305












Take a tour of our ballpark with us:

Segui Seats:The Segui Seats are named after former MLB players & WYCO 3&2 league participants Diego & David Segui and family.  The 10 seats were taken from 4 different Major League Baseball stadiums which include the Kansas City Royals, Cleveland Indians, LA Angels, and the Baltimore Orioles.  The seats sit directly behind home plate and provide an outstanding view for special guest who attend games.
"People think you played in the big leagues and those are the memories, no the memories are here at Barton-Ross Complex, this is what you remember. Hopefully the community embraces this and realizes what a blessing it is to have this right in your backyard." Former MLB player & Wyco 3&2 Alum- David Segui (pictured left with family)


Seats from Jacobs Field in Cleveland:

#22 Buck O'Neil

#29 Satchel Paige

#42 Jackie Robinson

#14 Larry Doby

Seats from Camden Yards in Baltimore:

#7 Cal Ripken Sr.

#8 Cal Ripken Jr.

#3 Billy Ripken

#21 Dave Segui

Seats from LA Angels:

#52 Pat Ringo



(ALL photo credits: Derek Wiles)



“This is better than any field I played on before I got to the Major Leagues,” Royals All-Time Saves leader- Jeff Montgomery

“It keeps them active but also provides a safe place with good leadership here,” former Royals player Joe Randa

“If you have a field that is nice, they are going to want to play and participate and they’re going to want to get involved,” former Royals player Brian McRae